Classic Pedicure

All pedicures are spa quality and begin with a soak in our refreshing pipeless whirlpool footbath using aromatherapy, Epsom salt, and a mix of healing herbs. Your nails will be shaped, cuticles trimmed, callouses removed, and an exfoliating foot scrub will be applied. Your feet and legs will be massaged for further relaxation and stimulation. The massage will be inspired with hot towels.

Luxury Pedicure

Your pedicure will be enhanced by our house-made organic exfoliation, using papaya, ginger, turmeric, yogurt, natural minerals and vitamins. This aromatic rejuvenating powder will soften and soothe your skin. Aromatherapy oils will be applied during your foot reflexology massage which will sooth sore feel and leg muscles. During your 15 minute foot and leg massage, you will recline to a zero gravity position which will further enhance your relaxation. You will have the option of a hot stone treatment.

Deluxe Pedicure

This luxurious pedicure focuses on nail, skin, and health care. Our lavender and chamomile paraffin discovers the most relaxing and therapeutic treatment by helping reduce skin damage, and improve skin tone, and restore elasticity. Our deluxe pedicure treatment uses deep-heat therapy, which allows maximum oil absorption into your skin. This treatment can improve skin inflammation, relax muscles, and can minimize rheumatic and joint pain. This treatment not only soften cracked heels, but also cleanses the area, promoting faster healing.